How to improve a profile for MS IS degree?

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Dear forum members,

I need your help!

I have a bachelor's degree in Organization and Management of Industry form the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. I'm planning to apply for MS Information Systems at Lund University in Sweden. Prerequisites for this program are that an applicant must have at least 60 credits IS-related courses.These must include
1)Foundations and Role of IS,2)Systems Analysis and Design,3)Data and Information,4)Human-Computer Interaction,5)Organisation and IS.If the applicant lacks(which I do) above-mentioned credits s/he must show motivation with CV and Motivation Letter.

I have only 2 IS-related courses-Informatics and Information Economics on my bachelor transcript. After a little bit of research I've found MTA certification-Microsoft Technology Associate which I think will help to prove my motivation for this programme. Also, I've newly been accepted to a job-Junior Operational Risk Analyst at the Central Bank which I think could be helpful.

Thus, I need an idea of what else should I get in order to assure my acceptance to this programme. I will apply next year so I have a whole year to improve my profile.

Please,help me guys.

Each suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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    I have no experience of European universities, but looking at those criteria, I don't think that an MTA (or even 3) will cut it. The problem is that they have narrow focus, and at an introductory level. From what I understand, 60 credits means about 1 year of IS. At a guess, your 2 courses might get you 25% of that.

    I would look at what work experience you have, if you can demonstrate undergraduate level knowledge in the areas listed. Do you have much IS related work experience? Any Business Analysis? Any programming experience, database experience, design? Have you been involved in any IT projects, even as a user, for example helping with user acceptance testing or requirements gathering?

    The consideration also is not just to be accepted, but to have the background knowledge to do the coursework.

    If you aren't up to speed, I do think that you have a good chance to get there in a year, if you can get relevant work experience, and do enough reading. There are some Systems design certifications, and some Business Analysis certifications. Combined with your Informatics, and maybe some MTAs or MCP or similar, you might have enough.
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    OctalDump, thanks for your answer.

    I don't have much experience since I graduated in 2014 and after that I served at military for a year. I have only 5 months of experience at a foreign country after military service. I worked as Investment and Operations Consultant. The only IT-related activity I have done to assist clients to download,install and use trading platform. The new job that I'll be working by the next month will involve analyzing business processes ,identifying operational risk etc, and I'll have got 1 year of experience in this job by the time of application.
    Do you think this experience could be helpful?Cause I cannot get an IT-related job now,since I don't have background in it.
    and could you please name some of the reputable System design and Business Analysis certification or anything else that could be helpful?
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