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Hello everybody, I was just wondering if any prior military members have been in a situation similar to my own and if it worked out for them. I got out of the military (nothing to do with IT) a while back and graduated from college (Sociology, but should have picked something else ;), I started studying network+ 3 months ago and passed last week (barely) because the IT world seemed interesting and job security seems legit. I still have my SECRET clearance active as I havent been out for more than 24 months and it seems like that is a plus after doing a few preliminary job searches. However, I have not a second of IT experience and only have Net+ (I started studying SEC+ and will take it hopefully in two months).

So, my question is, have any other veterans been in the same boat and had something work out like with a contractor or anything of that nature? If so, any tips/advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Peace.


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    Veteran here. I retired four years ago and also came from a non-IT background. I took some classes and attained my A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications and was able to find a job fairly quickly afterward. Depending on where you live, a lot of companies may be interested in hiring you based on your veteran status. Check out the Recruit Military website for possible job fairs near you.

    Good luck!
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    Well, you couldn't have answered my question better so thank you. I think I am gonna copy you and use whats left of my GI Bill to go for the COMPTIA A+, NET+, SEC+ trio and do some applications after. If you dont mind me asking, how long did it take you to do all 3? And did you feel that there was a ridiculous amount of overlap between Net+ and Sec+, because that is precisely how I feel after a week of studying SEC+?
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    Thank you for your service my fellow service men. Any of you guys prior service check out Job Search | one search. all jobs.

    They have plenty opportunities.
    Now After finding successful employment as government contractor for the DOD I recommend immediately
    studying for the following tracks in this order
    for those who have NETWORK+ go FOR SEC+ for the for those who HAVE NETWORK+ the SEC+ should be next certification to obtain.
    1.SEC+ is super valued with the Government
    3.CEH Certified Ethical Hacker
    6.SSCP or if your are super confident go for the CISSP

    Other than that you guys can thank me later for giving so much of the game
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    Federal VTE is your friend... its a lot of FREE IT/Security training including Security+ It has basics (A+,N+,S+) up to higher level training such as CISSP and CEH

    Open to all honorably discharged veterans.
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    From beginning to end, about two months total to attain all three (including training). There is a lot of overlap, so when you study for one you are also studying simultaneously for some of the others, which can be quite helpful. As jcundiff said, get hooked up with FedVTE. There is a lot of fantastic training on that site.
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    Thanks guys. Good to know that this is a viable path. The VTE website looks awesome! Cant believe I didnt know that earlier. Im gonna finish that SEC+ and put in the apps after.
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    I'm a veteran. I was in a non-IT career field. I got out, and worked in the civilian world, before becoming a contractor. A good way to go is to start on a help desk, or in desktop support. It's a good way to get your feet wet, and learn a lot of valuable skills.

    Definitely go for the Security+ first. From what I'm hearing the DOD 8570.1M is going to be replaced by the 8140. My work hinted to me that not only would we need an IA cert (Security+), but also an Operating System certification in an OS that we use for work.

    In case that is true, I already went out and got the RHCSA.
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    Some people scoff at the Securty+ cert, but it is invaluable in the gov/DoD employment space.

    I work with people who have 5 to 10 years in IT and their jobs are in jeopardy because they don't have that S+. It's a contractual requirement for everyone to be certed to the level their jobs require.

    That said, you would be ahaed of the game to have it as the recruiters only see the DoD 8570 requirements.
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