Network + 10-006 passed - my thoughts

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I wrote the exam yesterday and I passed. By the skin of my teeth but I'll take it.

I had 87 questions, 3 of which were sims. I finished the exam with 6 minutes to spare. Longest 90 minutes of my life.

Like others have said, the wording of the questions is absolutely atrocious. I found myself reading questions over slowly and carefully multiple times. They really aren't testing your knowledge as much as how you can apply that knowledge based on the very specific wording of the questions posed. I honestly thought there was no way I was passing this. And I studied my ass off for it too.

I used Professor Messer videos and the $10 notes, these were a great overview of the material, quite a bit of it repeats itself as those videos just go through the COMPTIA objectives one by one. After I made it through the videos and took copious notes, I then turned to the Mike Myers All In One book. This book was a great complement to the videos, I got a lot out of it. I used the demo sims and questions that came with the book. I also used Derryl Gibson's N+ app for the mock tests and flashcards. I liked it, good $10 investment. I also used the tests on examcompass as well.

I also purchased the Pearson Simulator that was recommended by a few people here....I didn't like it. Sorry folks. I didn't get a whole lot out of it. The material used in them is not worded the same as either Prof Messer or Mike Myers (spoke and ring network topology...really?). Don't waste your money here IMO.

I'd recommend taking information from as many sources as you can, you'll get something different out of each one. And practice test and flashcard your heart out. I'd really considered buying Mike Myers practice tests, but it was another $100,and I'd decided that I had sunk enough money into this as it was.

Good luck for anyone else studying!


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    Congrats on the pass!!!

    Interesting comments on the Pearson simulator. I opted for the Glen E. Clarke book which comes with a DVD and over 20 lab exercises plus performance based questions. Should be here Monday.
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    Just got back from taking the Net+ exam. I passed "OK".

    After reading a lot of forums on how to pass the Net+, I promised myself that I will write one too, if I pass of course.

    Had 87 questions total, 3 were performance based questions.

    First three questions:

    PBQ 1 - subnet a few departments, you are given the CIDR
    PBQ 2 - Place the right networking equipment (switch, router, server) in the right locations.
    PBQ 3 - A little confusing, but it’s about opening/closing ports on switches after a power outage.

    The rest all multiple choice (about 10~15 where multiple response).

    These are some rules I followed when taking the exam:
    - It’s going to feel like 2 answer are correct, but look for words like Most, least, cost-saving, best, etc.
    - Sometimes you will be able to eliminate 2 wrong answers, but not always.
    - Before you start the actual exam, take a minute to relax and breath.
    - Do not panic, it’s not the end of the world (half way through the exam, I thought that I had failed), but keep going.
    - Also, the first choice you think is right, it probably is.
    - I did skip the PBQs, and completed them at the end (this might not work for everyone, but that is what a lot of people recommended, it worked for me)
    - "Mark for review" is great, you can always come back to it at the end, if times allows.
    - Answer all the questions, even if you do not know the correct answer. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

    Some things I used:

    Mike Meyers's NET+ All in one book (CD at the end of the book has some good questions)
    Professor Messer videos are really precise and to the point

    Took most of the free practice/exam questions online I could find:

    - CompTIA website has 25 free questions
    - CD from Mike Meyers book with questions
    - Crucial exams app on my phone
    - Network+ app on my phone
    - CompTIA CertMaster app on my phone.

    I did not buy any additional exams or quizzes except for the actual exam. But I do recommend taking as many test/quizzes as possible. Possible buy some quiz/tests bundles.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Good job! I also got PBQ 3 you mentioned. Do you think you got it right? I was clueless on it and didn't know what to move.
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
    W.I.P CCNA Cyber Ops
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