Problem getting the sponsor with CISSP

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I'm planning to give the CISSP exam this year, I've been working as a Network Manager for almost 20 years.
Last year I changed job and now I'm a security analyst.
In my previous job part of my work was related to activities on security areas. In particular :

Domain 1) Prepared security procedures and guidelines
domain 4) designed and implemented Network Security segmentation
domain 6) Infrastructure and Applications Vulnerability assesment
domain 7) Security operations : antivirus scanning , IPS rules creation , patch managment .

My problem is that I don't have a sponsor for the previous job or it's better to say that he doesn't want to sponsor me.
I have all the performance appraisals (with good scores) signed by my previous supervisor, can this help or how can I sort out this situation?

Thank you


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    Do you know a current CISSP in good standing that can vouch for your experience? I knew my last employer would not give out any information other than dates of employment as they have a very strict policy and only the head of the accounting department is permitted to give that info and he barely knows how to turn a computer on so he would have no clue what I did or didn't do so I had a current co-worker endorse me. I had the experience and was endorsed and received my CISSP and it sounds like you have more experience than I do so you shouldn't have any issues if you can find a CISSP to endorse you.
  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    Why not have ISC2 endorse you?
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    Why not have ISC2 endorse you?
    ISC2 will then audit him.
    @Carlettus, if your previous manager refused, can you get your previous company HR to produce proof of job history?
    If this helps, this was what ISC2 requested when they endorse me.
    Proof of your job history can be numerous things. A letter from your employers showing the date you worked at their company, an employment contract showing dates you worked at the company or any sort of documents on letterhead that shows you worked at the company for the dates and time you specified on your resume would be accepted.
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    What's the big deal with being under audit? It will be his first endorsement.

    By the way, you really don't need a previous manager to endorse you, any manager will do, even your current one or a friend. If you dont have that, then find where your local ISC2 chapter is and visit their office, talk to them, show them your resume or business card explain your job and see if they can endorse you.
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    to All of you , let me first thank you for the good and right comments you wrote.
    Yesterday I had a talk with an CISSP trainer about this issue and he smiled listening at my doubts.
    These are the points he confirmed ( ans I wish your confirm too ):
    1) The sponsor of a CISSP certified person is not mandatory, anyway this person will confirm my moral integrity not my work experience.
    2) The work related experience can be proven, not only by my previous supervisor but also by ex colleagues.
    3) I have also letters of references and performance appraisals signed.

    All appears fine now, I can move reading domain 1.
    Have a great day.
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    Almost twelve years ago when I was looking for a sponsor had the same problem and had the ISC do the quick audit. Problem being the only technical person in the company outside of development and technically, I worked for my wife.

    The audit was painless - really.

    - b/eads
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