Hello and what is next cert for me help?

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Hello everyone! I just joined because this community looks great and might be able to help me out. A bit about me: I am from Canada and I have been working in the IT Ops industry for over 8 years now. I hold both a Bachelor in Computing and a Diploma in Telecommunications. I just passed my VMWare VCP6-DCV a few days ago (I had my VCP5-DCV for 2 years prior). I don't hold any other Certifications currently. I am always going to be a OPS person; DEV isn't for me. I joined this community to really ask for help on what I should take next?? Any ideas? I am considering (in no particular order): ITIL v3, AWS Cert, Microsoft Cert, Azure Cert, my next level VMWare. For most of these I don't even know where to start. So help with that would be nice as well. Anything "easy" that can help my career? My current job doesn't really have any requirements for me to take anything, so this is just more personal/help me find a better job in the future. Thanks in advance!!


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    Hello. I''m not Canadian but I do love poutine lol. Ok so next "easy" cert? From what I've been seeing in job listings ITIL is increasingly becoming a requirement for IT team lead, and sometimes non lead, positions. It's non technical, has 40 questions on the exam with only 26 required to be answered correctly to pass, and never expires. I'd say grab that one 1st then progress onto your next level VMware cert
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    Thanks for your response! I would send you some poutine; but it will be stale once it gets to you.
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    It all depends on what technologies you want to work with the most and what exactly you want to do. It would be tough for anyone on here to recommend a specific cert without knowing specifically what you want to do. I know you said OPS, but that could mean a lot.

    I personally don't see ITIL on a lot of job descriptions, at least in my area or the jobs I've been looking at, so can't say a lot for those myself. The best bet would be to lookup the jobs your looking to move into on a job board and see what they are asking for.
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    It really depends on what you are looking at doing. You mentioned DEV isn't your thing, that's good. Are you looking at getting into the networking field? Or perhaps are specialized server person? It's often difficult trying to find a certification for something and actually be able to land a job. Though, if you're eager enough, it can.

    Tell us this: What is it YOU want to do (for a job).
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    MAC_Addy wrote: »
    Tell us this: What is it YOU want to do (for a job).
    Thanks everyone for your responses. I guess I was being to general. I do love the Virtual Machine world and also know that everything is moving to remove/cloud sites. I am thinking about getting my AWS (AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate) or Microsoft Certs for Azure. I also do see ITIL on some job descriptions hear and their.
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    ITIL is more important in some industries than others. It's really more of a methodology and approach to projects and life cycles. Some like it, a lot hate it with a passion of a thousand burning suns.

    AWS and Azure are big business right now and you would have access to an environment to immediately start practicing in.
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