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Hi All. in my years of IT Admin, surprisingly enough, I have never swapped out a DC, (Only way back on a test environment) I have a remote office that has an old DC with 5 people connected. I have built a server and shipped it to the office, but I would like to replace the old DC using the same Domain name and DHCP and DNS. What are the steps need in order to do this work. I know I'm asking a silly question but its been years since I did something similar and I lack a little confidence.


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    What OS? Basically you promote the new server to a DC and wait awhile to ensure all replication is completed then run dcpromo on the original DC to remove DC from its roles.

    Curious, do you already have 2 DC's on the domain? If so then replication shouldn't be an issue as you will be leaving an existing one there. If you don't have at least 2 DC's then I would advise you to leave the existing one there and add the new one.

    Google can be your best friend when it comes to this. Find a good source and follow their steps.
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    You asked this question a few months ago and got good responses. I would go back and check out that thread.
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    Ah yes, silly me. Thanks guys.
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