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I'm just getting started with the A+ certification process, and I have a few questions.

1. Is it better to focus on the 901 first and pass that, then study for and pass the 902? Or should I study for both at once?

2. Once you pass both the 901 and the 902, do you get some sort of paper certificate? How do you prove that you are A+ certified to a potential employer?

3. Does the score you get on the 901 and 902 matter, or is it a pass/fail type test?

4. When I pass the Network+ exam, does that renew my A+ certification for 3 years from the time I passed the Network+ exam? Or does it add to the three years I get from passing A+?


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    You have to pass both tests first to gain the A+

    They will send you a certificate to hang...Just list it on your resume under Education/Certification section.

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    1. I did both at the same time personally. I'm guessing a lot do it separately though

    2. Yes, you get a certificate. You also get a little card you can carry in your wallet if you wanted to.

    3. Nope, its pass/fail

    4. it would renew it from the time you passed your Net+
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    For #2, you can also log into your CompTIA certification profile and release your transcripts to anyone. That will send them a direct email from CompTIA with your credentials.

    For #4, you only have to worry about recertifying your highest level cert. For example, if you have A+ and Net+, then get Security+, you only have to renew Security+. Each time you renew, it will recertify all your lower-level certs for 3 years, effective the date of recertification. It doesn't "accumulate" time, it just resets the clock.

    Hope those make sense. icon_smile.gif
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    I just passed my 902 today. Took my 901 last Wednesday. I found it easier to break it up and focus on one then the other, though there is some overlap in the exams. I found this site to be every helpful and the people here are outstanding. One thing I will say, and I believe I read it on here somewhere, READ the questions well. The exam likes to give you this big long example of what the tech has done, then ask what NOT to do.

    Good luck in your studies :)
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    I had 14 days between mine, and i crushed both of them with 830+ (I dont remember exactly)


    I liked to have some distance between the 2 tests, to clear my mind between them. It helped me anyway
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    More questions...

    Which is harder - 901 or 902?

    I just got some advice to try building a computer from scratch first, then study for the test, because this will make things much easier. Is this good advice?
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    I personally thought 902 was harder. I passed 901 first time, 902 I had to take twice.
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