CISSP Passed

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Hey Everyone,

I've been lurking these forums, taking advise from people on how to study for the CISSP and I've recently just passed mine and wanted to go through what formula worked for me to hopefully help out anyone else.

ISC2 Official Study Guide - Read this from cover to cover to start my preparation. It was very informative and got me familiar enough with all the concepts that I could recognize during the next few steps.

CCCure Questions - After reading the OSG, I went ahead and did 1000 questions from CCCure to get familiar with question formats. I also took the time to read each answer explanation and try to commit to memory.

Sunflower PDF - Yup, best resource out of anything I'm going to list. Amazing for quick glances at lunch or when you only have a few minutes to study. Really helped put everything in "buckets" of similar information.

Sunflower link: https://www.kilala.nl/Sysadmin/Images/CISSP_Summary_V1.1.pdf

11th Hour - Ran through this 3 times. Great book as it covers everything just enough at this stage of the preparation process.

Sybex official questions - found these way to technical and they didn't have as good of explanations that other question banks did

Boson questions - 750 of the best questions/explanations you'll find for the CISSP. They are $89, but its worth every penny.

Overall study time - 5 Weeks

If you have any questions that wont violate the NDA, please ask and I will do my very best to answer in a quick manner.

Thanks for all your help!


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    Congratulations & thanks for the resources!
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    Congrats and thanks for the info.
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    congrats ! now get that paperwork submitted and hurry up and wait :)
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    Congrats, I passed on Monday, much like jcundiff said, I'm very impatiently waiting
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    scbrewer wrote: »
    Overall study time - 5 Weeks


    5 weeks though Wow, it seems like I've been in the 1st chapter that long icon_study.gif I need to step it up
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