VCP6-DCV - Pass

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Passed this with a 397 today. Got it in with about 4 weeks to spare before my cert expired.

I thought it was harder than previous VCP exams. I suspect some of the more fundamental vCenter constructs, configuration maximums, etc that I used to see on tests must be in the VCA now. I tried giving myself 2 weeks to study for the test thinking that would be enough time to pick up some of the newer vSphere 6 stuff that I am not using in any of my environments, plus accounting for me not having deployed vCSA in a real environment, and I ended up rescheduling twice because I wasn't ready.

Now that this one is out of the way, I have a lot of catching up to do in general with certification. Last year was hell personally and I didn't have the mental energy or the time for much of anything. I'm making a push to get updated Windows certs to the MCSA level (low hanging fruit for the most part that I have not been particularly motivated to grab) before getting back to VMware... VCP6(or 7)-CDM may be what I jump into next, now that I have licensing to deploy most of the vRealize suite in my environment.
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    Congrats. I don't have this one.
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    Congrats on the pass! I just about got through the VCP6-DCV delta exam last week (a couple of weeks before mine expired), and I thought it was harder than previous versions too. Good luck on the rest of your studies.
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