how do you connect an enddevice with a router ?

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how do you connect an enddevice with a router in packet tracer ?

I tried both copper and straigth through . both wires did not work.

I wish there was a way i could attach images.


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    Are you trying to connect the end device to the router for configuration of the router, or for passing data traffic?
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    Not sure what you mean...
    Like you connected a Xover directly from PC to router? Is the router interface up and configured?
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    What sort of router are you talking about? Is it an enterprise router like a Cisco 2811 or an integrated services router for home use? If you want to connect to a router for access to the internet you would connect to a switch that is connected to the router. if you simply want to update a router that isn't connected to a network you could connect to it through the console port. A little more information would go a long way to getting you the answer you are looking for. Either way, best of luck on solving your problem.
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    Use Dropbox or Gdrive to attach the packet tracer file. It sound like you are using the wrong cable and you may not be using the right connection on the PC. Also did you activate the router interface.
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