Can GIAC help me save my marriage?

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I was admiring my GIAC certifications on my wall today, and noticed ANSI on the certification, so I looked up the organization. I found the ANSI certification awarded to SANS Institute, with the address 8120 Woodmount Avenue, Suite 205, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA. I looked up this address on the internet and found a counseling center at the same location:

I also found a number of therapists using the same address information, here's a few.

Keith Miller & Associates Counseling
8120 Woodmont Avenue
Suite 205
Bethesda, MD 20814

Bashkim Kadriu
8120 Woodmont Ave
Suite 205
Bethesda, MD 20814

I question why an organization that has 30 million dollars in sales a year has to share space with therapists. And it not a question of SANS moving into new offices that were formally rented by therapists, the address information for SANS dates back several years. Perhaps next time I fail a GIAC certification exam, maybe I can get therapy there. icon_cool.gif
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    Simple. They are mostly a virtual organization. My wife works for a company that is structured similarly, does triple of that in sales, yet has a tiny physical office that looks like Sauls' office in the back of the nail parlor in Better Call Saul.
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    Says they are in Suite 310 on the SANS website. Guessing they were previous in Suite 205 and they are moving on up in the world. icon_cheers.gif

    Maybe, I guess the suite 205 information could be outdated.
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    Have you watched the series, Billions? Pig Vomit is on it, and it is a pretty intense show & I loved it. They had a therapist onsite for their employees, it possibly helps people's stress levels being able to speak to shrink fairly quickly.
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    Don't forget they have offices all over. You're also not looking at where SANS, CIS, GIAC call home. Because a lot of them are different addresses. They even have an office in Hawaii.
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    The counselors are ANSI certified as well. ... this is where I get most of my 1,000 CPE's / year. LOL !!!

    Yes I can confirm with TacoRocket that SANS has someone working in Hawaii and a great deal of the SANS folks are a part of the nomads in InfoSec because these folks travel to different conferences to setup / tear down for the conferences. Most of the instructors themselves have their own company and teach on the side.
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    Sounds like it's a mail stop, accountant or lawyer. There are several in the DC area that do this for a wide range of firms that want to look like they have an office in the area but not have a mailbox place show up if someone looks at Google maps.
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