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I just got back from taking the 70-293 exam, passed with a 844. The test was not what I was expecting and honestly thought I was going to fail it when I got to the end. It was a relief to see the passing score, but I still think it would be best for me to study it a little more. Most of my question had to do with CAs, RRAS, and security policies. I had four or five sims and a couple drag and drop questions.

The obligatory "Congrats" are not required, just wanted to share my impression of this exam.


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    well congrats anyway. This is my next exam, on course for my MCSE. I've heard a bit of this one overlaps with 291 and there is a bit on Certificates CA's etc is this true? what did you use for your study material? thanks
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    I found that there was a little bit of overlap, but not an extrodinary amount. I would say that the biggest topic on the exam was CAs. I used CBT Nuggets and some online resources for studying, which is probably not the recommended method, but it works for me.
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    no probs and thanks. Also 1 more question what were the sims on? cheers
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    CONGRATZ dude.........
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    icon_eek.gif Hey man! you sure pass this exams to quickly.......wasn't it just a week ago that you passed the 291 exam.

    Anyway i'm also done with the 293 book an easy read........i'm preparing 4 the exam, i want to grasp the contents well........since i'm a systems admin at my faculty.

    the mandatory congratulations must follow CONGRATZ dude..........
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    Im preparing for this exam as well...
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