Should I take Security+ exam?

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Hi guys, I was positively planning on Security+ exam recently until I found the price. $320 is really not cheap. The reason I chose security+ is my A+ and Network+ are due this year and security+ is the most popular. So my question is: can I let them expire this year and renew next year or later? I have MCSA 2012 and CCNA certs to get this year as I'm working for an ISP and these two certs are more important.


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    Hey you do know if you have a .edu account you get a significant discount, right?

    Don't let your certs expire! If you pass Sec+ they automatically renew.

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    CompTIA Academic Marketplace

    Here is the link Victor was talking about. $203 for Sec+, but you must have a .edu email
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    Was browsing this forum and found someone's point about not renewing A+, N+ to be interesting. I kind of agree, I'm working in a Telco company and certs don't seem to be needed to jump to another department. I also heard that a team leader of security department had no certs at all. And I'm also studying ccna and mcsa, should I focus on those? What do you guys think?
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    I think anyone in an infrastructure/help desk role should take Security+.

    Does your company offer reimbursement for exam fee's if you pass? If so, take advantage of it!
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