Passed the 70-410 this morning!

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Well, I took my very first ever certification exam today. The 70-410. Having never taken one of these before I wasn't sure what to expect, but as I sat down and started clicking through the questions I felt like I was getting the upper hand on this exam. I've been studying for the last 4+ months or so.

I've been a Sysadmin for the last 7 years. Primarily focused various versions of Windows Server. Even then, if I would not have studied, I would not have passed. The experience did help (I'm guessing), on those questions you get on the test you just didn't study for.

Materials used:

CBT Nuggets
Infinity Skills
MS 70-410 Reference Book
I found what helped me was breaking the exam into the 6 objectives and then taking notes on each one. Breaking those down into the sub-objectives. I would add to those notes after reading/watching content on the objective from various sources. Everyone has a different take on the objective and covers some slightly different content.

After doing all of that.. I passed this morning with an 830.

Now on to the 411. I studied pretty hard for the last few weeks, I'll take a few days off while I research material for the 411. I'm guessing I'll keep with the testout subscription. It's pretty handy with LabSim. Probably one of the best resources, other than experience.
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    Congrats on the pass! I'm looking to take this one in a few weeks.
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    Congrats on passing the exam... i been looking around for material for the 411 myself. So many books but don't know which one to start out with. I came across the exam Ref MCSA 70-411 .. just started with that one so far.. One of my co-workers gave me MSCA windows server 2012 r2 administration study guide 70-411.. He had it in a pdf format so i will have to check that out later.

    If you find any other good material or better books please let me know,
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    Will do. I'll probably pick up the 70-411 exam reference book. I wasn't too impressed with the 70-410 book and it was full of typo's and mistakes, but the practice questions were pretty nice. Also some of the exam tips were helpful.

    I'll probably find a few books to read.. we'll see what Amazon reviews says is good.
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    CONGRATSicon_cheers.gificon_thumright.gif Knew you could it.
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    Great job!

    There isn't a whole lot of good material for the 411 and 412 printed wise I've found. If I thought TechNet was my friend for the 410, it became my significant other for the 411 and now with the 412.
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    Congrats and great score! I'm glad that the voucher was put to good use. :)
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    Congrats and great score! I'm glad that the voucher was put to good use. :)
    Thanks again!
    Break time..!
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    Congrats man, im on the 70-411 now.
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    Wow, great job! And especially with that being your first ever certification exam and getting such a high score! I'm impressed! Good luck on the 411, I'm sure you'll do great!
    All the best,

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