Advice required for EC Council Certification

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Hello My Deal Friends,

I have 9+ Years experience in IT Infrastructure (Network,Servers,Desktop), and from the last 5+ years working in Network impementation side dealing with Cisco , Juniper devices. But recently went through some of the articles and got really impressed and planning to move my career into Cyber security . Currently I am CCNA and CCNP (Routing and Switching) , thing is first I checked with some of my friends who already working in Information security field , and some of them suggested to first take CEH v9 certification .

Is it really make sense, as I checked through ec council website they mentioned atleast 2 years experience in Information security field need to attempt the exam or I need to attend CEH official training but looks like it very costly.

Can someone guide me in this.

Thank you


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    I am in the same boat as you, but have 22 years in Infrastructure and architecting solutions. I am wanting to move in to the Cybersecurity World.

    I'm doing CEH9 at the moment. A lot of people say it's a waste of time but I am finding it really helpful.

    I've been through CBT nuggets which was pretty good
    I am now focusing on iLabs and the EC-Council video training. I like the iLabs a lot.

    I should of been ready to sit the exam last month, however I'm taking my time and learning everything in iLabs and my personal Lab I've built.
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    Hi Calibra ,

    Nice to hear that you have started. Even I am also started from scratch like Network+ and security+ fundamentals, need to start Cbt and other video classes soon.
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    As long as you can justify to the EC-Council that your experience was related to security, you will be fine. A fellow co-worker of mine once told me that information security isn't a job, it's a mindset. Surely in your numerous years of experience you have done something related to security. Have you managed accounts? updated systems/routers/switches? performed tests of new hardware/software? You can relate these things to security. Now on to the question of whether the CEH is worth it or not, honestly it is not a very good test and you definitely will not come out of it with anywhere near enough knowledge to hack anything BUT it is on a lot of job descriptions and is a requirement for some DoD jobs(this is why I took the test). I know there will be those who will say, "You don't need CEH, just go for the CISSP or something else." These people are wrong, certain positions require you to have the CEH even if you hold what is considered to be a higher level certification.
    I'm not allowed to say what my previous occupation was, but let's just say it rhymes with architect.
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    CEH can give you a good ROI and is a good starter/mid level certification.
    I could rant on about EC Council but I would type my fingers to the bone. I just do not want a messy keyboard.
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