Passed A+ (901 - 02/25 & 902 - 03/18)

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901 - 67 questions 3 sims, scored 832
902 - 78 questions 4 sims, scored 807

Didn't do any studying for these, just did some practice tests. Cert Master, Darril Gibson's iPhone app and Total Seminars were the practice tests I used.

Cert Master
Not bad info, just not real close to the actual test. The A+ cert master was closer to the actual tests than Network+ and Security+ Cert Master, but that's not saying much.

Darril Gibson's iPhone app
Good app, like every other one he does. I bought the bundle with Security+, Network+ and A+ all together for ~$18, if I remember correctly.

Total Seminars
To me, these are the closest in wording to the real CompTIA tests (Security+, Network+ and A+) that I've tried.

I've been in the industry a long time so I checked where I was with the practice tests and verified I hadn't forgotten everything before attempting the tests. It's been a while since I did any desktop support. I thought I'd go ahead and get these (Sec+, Net+, A+) before moving on to CASP and CISSP. Now on to the CASP.
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