Failed 1st Attempt Network+ Test - My Thoughts!

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My firs time posting guys! I took my Security+ a month ago and passed on the first try (my second cert after A+), so I figured I'd complete the trifecta and go for the Network+. Some of the Sec+ material helped, and here is what I did addtionallty.

1. Watched ALL of the Professor Messer's videos and did his tests, and reviewed his notes as well.
2. Did a bunch of practice tests on various sites, including this one.
3. Downloaded Darril Gibsons iOS app,
4. Did subnetting till I finally understood it and found it easy.

Now on to my test; I didn't see a single subnetting question lol, and the majority of the questions were long, paragraph form world problems (ie. out of the following correct answers, choose the best). Not to mention I ran out of time (i nearly guessed the last 5 questions as I only had seconds left). I thought the Sec+ test was more up front and direct, as opposed to these questions. Luckily I got the retake voucher, but is this normal to have this test be this difficult? I even hear people who pass the CCNA have a hard time with this test! icon_rolleyes.gif


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    I failed too icon_sad.gif. I hear that 30% of people that take it fail it. I almost ran out of time and it is exactly how you say it is, that's why i'm thinking about just doing CCNA.
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    Yeah, i was all good and ready for my subnetting (used Messer's 7-second subnetting strategy), and I was disappointed I didn't see any LoL (didn't think I'd be saying that). I think I spent more time trying to read and decipher the question, more than anything. I will retake it this Monday and hope to pass it. I'm thinking about buying the Transcender's Practice exams, after hearing some people say it was a good resource.
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    Messer's video's are considered supplementary for Net+.
    If that's basically your only studying resource then you will be in trouble.
    I would suggest getting a book (Mike Myers made a good one).
    And yeah, subnetting is barely covered on the exam, I learned that the hard way last month myself.

    Keep your head up.
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    Wording is a fact in Comptia exams, make sure to read the question twice and search for the word that gives you the answer.

    I failed last year with Sec+ and working towards to take it again on May.
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    Gonna take it next Thursday. I've studying professor Messer's videos, bought Mike Meyers book and bought the CertMaster from compTIA. Hopefully I pass it, it makes me anxious to know that many people fails the test, even when they feel confident about passing. When I took the A+ exam they gave me an extra 30 minutes (which I didn't even used, finished both tests in 30 min each) because I live in non-native English speaking country. I'm not sure if they'll do the same with Network+.
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    Yes, I agree totally. I thought the questions were worded strangely. I had to read most of them multiple times to try to figure out what they were getting at. I think they give you key words that they want you to should focus on. I did have one rather difficult subnetting question that I don't think I got right. I had studied subnetting a lot and I still think I blew it on the test. I did pass when it was all over, but I was sweating for sure. Good luck, you got this!
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    @edgg51...CompTIA is usually generous with time, so if it was given for the A+ exams, it should be given for the other exams.
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    stryder144 wrote: »
    @edgg51...CompTIA is usually generous with time, so if it was given for the A+ exams, it should be given for the other exams.

    If you are correct, I wouldn't mind the extra time icon_cheers.gif, specially with Network+.
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    I did also purchased professor Messer's book, but mainly used it as a reference point. I think I will focus on the areas I needed to work on, by using the book to fully read those sections. If the questions weren't paragraph long, time wouldn't be an issue. I think I may have seen around 15 total questions that were just direct and sentence-long.
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