210-250 SECFND | Study Material Recommendations?

kanedogkanedog Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
My Cisco Certs expire at the end of April and need to pass a CCNA level exam to recertify. I've been pursuing other certs related to Security (CISSP & Sec+ obtained in 2016) so figured the SECFND shouldn't be too hard to pass...but...I'm not finding any study material for this exam, such as Cisco Press, CBT Nuggets, Cybrary, etc..

Before I spend the $300 and walk into the test "blind", is anyone aware of any books or CBT Nugget type training that has been developed yet for this exam? I'm not part of the Scholarship program and I've seen the advice to study all of the domains, just looking for more specific info if that makes sense.

Thanks in advance!


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