Passed SSCP

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Hi Folks,

I passed today SSCP. The exam isn't that hard. But it's tricky and you have to be able to think clearly in order to pass.
I thought after the first 30 questions that I am going to fail. But I made icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif

I used, Daril Gibbson'S AIO and read a CASP guide and finally used the sybex app for test questions.

I recommend everyone to read something extra, a CASP guide or a CISSP guide. Don't ever think that the AIO of Daril Gibosn's will ensure your success


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    First congrats!

    I agree with you, the exam is not that hard. And as you.. the first 20-30 question scared me. I putted 75% of my "To review" question on those first question, then I went all right. I came back and it was not as bad.

    Darril Gibson's AIO is definitely not enough. Most of the question, I wasn't sure was from material not in the AIO. I found most of my answer in the CBK.

    I would recommend a quick reading of SSCP CBK at least.
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    Congratulations! I also thought I was going to fail. It felt like I was guessing on all of the answers. When I finished, I reviewed all of answers and felt confident that I had gotten at least 111 of the 125 questions correct. I guess it was just nerves.

    I also used multiple sources. I started with the Darril Gibson AIO and then went on to the relevant sections from CASP and CISSP study guides and the Cybrary CASP and CISSP courses. I also re-studied all of the technical items that I had to learn for Security+.
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    congrats, I passed a month ago

    go for cissp next
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    Thanks guys. As I don't have enough experience. I will move for CCNA Security then CCNA Cyber Ops.
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    I am thinking about going for this exam. I have started reading Darril book.
    I have done CCNA and CCNA security and got knowledge about security.

    Anyone can share some exam guide so that I can test my level?

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    Hi Osa!

    When you say something extra from CISSP. Which topics are you refering to?

    If we have to read CISSP then why not go for CISSP exam :)

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