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I had my exam this Saturday and I passed with 787, so I am going to write up a little review of how it went.
I finished exam in 1 hour, then I just reviewed some flagged questions without really changing much anymore. English is not my main/mother language and I have zero practical experience in networking. (In fact I never worked in IT, this is just a starting point for me.)

I was really nervous before the exam as I read so many complaints from people about the difficulty of it, but let me tell you this. If you are well prepared, I honestly don't think you should be worried as much about it. Questions can be long sometimes, but if you focus on the question and understand what it's asking then time shouldn't really be a problem. There's key words you must pay attention to (Best, Most etc.) as in many cases more than one option would make sense but only one they are looking for. I got plenty subnetting questions (about 5 or so) + a subnetting simulator, so better know subnetting.

While doing test, answer with what makes more sense and move on. Don't dive into explaining yourself why each answer could be the good one. That can eat up lots of time and it will confuse you further more. More than one answer can be correct sometimes and trying to make sense of each answer can really throw you off the question. I suggest answer with what makes more sense, and flag the question for review. If by the end of the test you got time left, just review again those questions to feel safe about the answer you gave.

I had about 2 or 3 questions which I honestly didn't understand what they were really asking for. I guess that's where language barrier comes into play, but other than that I think the test was fair enough.
At the end of the day, it all depends of how prepared you are IMO.

I would like to thank you all for helping me through while studying for this. This forum made a real difference for me.
Thank you all and see you around in Security+ next! :D

Material I used to study for the exam was:

Mike Meyers Net+ Book
I read this once and took notes of the things I found important to know and I knew I was gonna have to review eventually.

Net+ Objectives list
Professor Messer Net+ free videos

I went through the objectives list one point at a time while watching Messer's free videos

Darril Gibson Mobile App
In my opinion this is well worth the price. Easy to use and a friendly interface, it has flashcards to review different network topics, questions according to each topic so if you are having difficulties with one particular topic in networking you can focus only on that topic. Also has a Mock Test of 45 random questions and a Mini Test with 15 random questions. I find it useful especially if you are someone who using his/her phone most of the time. You can review/take tests while you on the bus/train, waiting for something/you on a break or maybe even when you go to bed at night and don't want to carry your big laptop around with you. In total it has about 300 flashcards and 300 questions, more or less.

Comptia Net+ Hands on Lab Simulator
I'm neither here or there with this one. I don't think this made much of a difference to be honest. It helps memorise acronyms and port numbers, but if you already know them well then that part might be useless. I flew through the matching simulators as already I knew the port numbers and acronyms/definitions well enough. Same goes with command prompt commands (netstat, ping etc.), I already learnt and used the commands before buying the lab simulator so that part didn't add new knowledge.
I suppose where it could really help is teaching you the commands of logging into a router/switch and applying some settings/commands to the interface. I don't really know what are the chances of getting that with the exam as it feels like those commands are more Cisco proprietary and the objectives don't mention anything about them.
If you want to play around and do some sims then go for it, but if you know your port numbers, acronyms and command prompt commands good enough then I wouldn't bother.
Free subnetting practice. I used to do this 30 minutes every morning before starting to study.

Cybrary website
Free video modules and testing

Skillset website
Free questions and few free lab simulators (like 4 or so, then it requests payment)
It could be ok for a review, but some questions can be annoying also as they don't stick completely on Net+ objectives and instead it digs deeper into the topics. (I guess, that's becuz questions are written by users of the website from what I've noticed)

Many, many tests:
Total Tester demo by Mike Meyers
Prof Messer's Pop Quiz Tests
Exam compass tests
Darril Gibson as mention above
Darril Gibson N10-005 Practice Tests e-book for 2£ (It's the old version but for the price of 2£ you get plenty questions and flashcards again)
Other free online tests


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    Well done, congrats. Sounds like you didn't have too bad a time of it too.
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    Great review and inclusion of sources for study references. Congratulations! A quick question: how long did you study before taking the exam?
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    It's hard to give you an actual time becuz I am unemployed and I studied on and off during some days, and some days I didn't. I started in the middle of January and I would say at the beginning of March I had a good grasp on everything so March was just to review and strengthen some points.
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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