Sitting for Sec+ Tomorrow

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Just wanted to add one more of these threads...

Laid off three weeks ago, and the job search is making it pretty clear that Security+ is a minimum credential. I have been in the infosec field for 5 years, with the last two being more formally.

Following advice from here, I went with Darril Gibson's book (GCGA) as well as the mobile app. I started with a baseline of 76% on the pre-assessment. It was pretty clear that my knowledge was strong in areas I had dealt with, but patchy in less familiar territory. I imagine that is a familiar place for many.

I am now hitting 90-100% on the practices, with most of the misses being bad clicks, rather than bad knowledge. Tonight, I will do a few passes through the "Think you are ready?" random quizzes, and then tomorrow, I sit for the exam.

Just wanted to add on to the kudos others have given to Darril for his book, the mobile app and the GCGAPremium site. They have been helpful, informative and easy to read. It doesn't hurt that he is a local too. (Hampton, VA here.)

Wish me luck tomorrow morning!


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