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I've searched Amazon and everywhere, but haven't been able to find a lot of informative reviews of A+ test prep books. I'm in a class (almost finished), but it's totally disorganized and very poorly taught. I have a lot of years of college under my belt, but I'm new to IT.

I have Mike Myers' books for A+ and Nework+ but I don't like them at all. They are very wordy, and IMO very superficial.

I like Professor Messer's videos.

I looked at Jean Andrews' "A+ guide to Technical Support", and liked the content a lot, but found the colors and highlighting so distracting I was afraid I would have a hard time reading it.

I looked at "CISCO IT Fundamentals" set, but wasn't 100% sure it was written for CompTIA, that I could use it without taking the CISCO course, and couldn't figure out exactly why there were 3 books. I liked what I read from it, but it would be good to hear what other people think.

I looked are the Mark Soper "Cert Guide" book briefly, and thought it might be good. I don't think there were any labs, but I'm not sure.

🎯 What I want:

* Good explanations of "how" and "why" (as far as possible).
* Labs or assignments of some sort - I learn better by doing.
* A book I can use as a reference on the job.

Thank you.


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