Failed- Simulator Question

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First off- I failed, 650. Studied endlessly since early January. Read Daryl Gibson's book over and over. I do think it's great.
Also used his exam questions, which I mastered all. Been working in IT for over 10 years.

My issue is every question was nothing that I studied over and over. Comptia wording is all wrong, nothing similar to what I have been studying. I passed both A+ and Network+ with flying colors.

Anyway - How many simulation questions did others have. I only had 2, I was expecting much more, especially from the previous 2 exams. Plus all my study materials had dozens.


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    Gibsons book is by far the best study material for the exam. I used it a long with many others on the forum to pass the exam. Have a look at his premium questions online, many simulation questions and exam questions, personally it was outstanding and a major help. Lastly dust yourself down and go again.
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    How many performance base questions did you have?
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    Can't answer that due to the NDA.
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    This exam is not a joke, well all CompTIA exams are, 1 more difficult than others... Get back on it, don't give up, I failed and planning to take it again. Using D. Gibson book and I might go with measureUp after the book.

    I know you probably don't listen to those A-hole(s) come over here, they say they study for a week and half then went took the exam and passed. Good luck on the retake.
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    I would think there'd be more than that. If it wasn't for the guy that said NDA I'd let you know, but I'm sure he's waiting for someone to answer to go tell COMPTIA or whatever, lol. I'd say get the Get Certified Get Ahead Premium content and google SYO401 Simulation or Lab Questions to see what's out there in their various forms. Don't give up, yes the test sucks just get back after it. Hopefully you bought the bundle with the retake, lol...good luck.
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    Very mature of you, as if I have nothing better to do. You can be banned from the site for disclosing exam details.
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