Passed N10-006!!

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So I just made a thread earlier this week that I was taking it today and here's the update.

I got a 797 on my first attempt so I'm obviously pretty pumped after hearing all the horror stories. I have absolutely no IT experience whatsoever so this should be an inspiration to those who may seem daunted and think it's not for them since they have no experience. The testing center I was at was very unprofessional (people yelling and talking loudly right next door), so that didn't help matters either, but it made my score all that much more satisfying at the end.

Granted, I studied my butt off and it was a difficult test but not the hardest I've ever taken by any means. A lot of easy questions as well as a lot of tricky ones too. For the tricky troubleshooting ones, use answer elimination. There's a surprising amount of dumb answers they will give you so often times you will have to narrow it down to the two best. I only had 3 simulation questions and not much on subnetting. It was all mainly troubleshooting and a lot of security questions which was to be expected.

I used Tamara Dean's Network+ Guide to Networks textbook, various practice exam websites, and the Messer videos. Anything I didn't quite understand, I just Wikipedia'd it. The best practice exam website was MeasureUp (cost about $70) without a doubt since the questions were the most difficult and they gave you detailed answers after every question.

I started studying heavily in January and I knew absolutely nothing about routers, switches, or anything. So hopefully this goes to show that, no matter what your experience is, you can pass this test but you have to really want it and enjoy what you're studying.


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    Congrats Aspiring! Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Congrats mate! What's next ?
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    Congrats mate! What's next ?

    Thank you, I am going to take a short break and then go after Security+. I made the huge mistake of not going online and gathering multiple opinions for the correct Network+ book to use so I'm not making that mistake again. The consensus is that Gibson's book is the best for Security+ so that's what I'm going with.

    The book I listed above is decent enough to prepare you for most of the exam but I know there are definitely much better Net+ books out there to use. I also should've watched Messer sooner instead of rushing through them at the finish line once I realized how hard the test was going to be. I thought that the book alone would cut it initially. Oh well, live and learn.
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    Yeah go with Gibson Book / Gibson Practice Questions + Simulations on his website, and Professer Messer SEC+ Videos and you should be set.
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    Congrats!! :D
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