Just finished CCENT - CCNA Next

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It took me some time to finish this certification, actually.
Started studying in September 2016, Stopped in December because of holidays, and Came back studying full throttle back in January.

I'm originally from Brazil (The land of the big booty and carnival, where all Americans talk about) and I moved to United States 4 years ago. So English is not my primary language. I struggle, but I got some off the hook slangs.

So taking a test in another language was difficult. In Brazil we use totally a different terminology about IT (majorly in Portuguese).

I got 848/832 on my 3rd attempt. (Yes it took me 3 times). Don't freak out, its not THAT hard. But it's hard icon_twisted.gif.
I didn't read any books. Jeremy Cioara saved my life (CBT Nuggets), and that crazy russian scientist from Udemy. Also Boson Exams brings you to full perspective for the test.

I received the cert from my mail yesterday, and I don't know about you guys, but it was a relief. Currently aiming CCNA, but first I gotta take a step down and finish Network+. (A lot of companies somehow require CompTIA).

Well that is my experience. I'm getting back on the market this year with this new cert, and I'll be starting on the support desk level until I acquire CCNA.:D

Have a good friday, everyone.


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    Congrats! I scheduled my ICND1 the 28th of this month! I am using Boson, CBT Nuggets, the Lammle books (study guide and survival guide!) and practicing labs in PT with the danscourses.com and the Ranet Labs (lol)
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    Actually, Americans know Brazil as the land of armed robberies. Anyway, congrats on your achievement! What book did you use, if any?
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    I first studied for CCENT in 2010 and should've taken it then (I would have passed). Then did CCNA boot camp in 5 days in December 2013, took the exam about 10 hours after the boot camp finished, and failed by a slim margin. But who cares about the margin? You either pass or you fail, right? Because I don't work in "pure networking" but do Linux sysadmin work now, I didn't think about it much. But I'm curious about attempting it again just to have a fallback.

    Did you notice a lot of IPv6 questions? What was the hardest part for you? Subnetting? I've heard it's gotten much more difficult in the last few years, so I'm curious as to what's changed besides the IPv6 portion.
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    Congrats! try and try again until.....Excellent Score Manicon_thumright.gif
    Upcoming Certs: VCA-DCV 7.0, VCP-DCV 7.0, Oracle Database 1Z0-071, PMP, Server +, CCNP

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