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I'm just getting started with studying for the CASP. I've been told the FedVTE site is a great resource for those who have access. Well I went to check it out today and saw that they pulled the CASP course. Here's the notice:

"Important Update At the request of DISA, the following courses have been taken offline for PAO review and approval:
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CAS-002
This course will be back online as soon as DISA completes their review."

Anyone have any idea how long it's been pulled? or when it might be back up?


  • universalfrostuniversalfrost Aim Small, Miss Small Member Posts: 247
    Funny you just posted this...I was looking at fedvte today and was surprised that this was not on their site....

    I just renewed my security+ by doing several fedvte courses and noticed that casp is not iat lvl 3 ... I'm looking at getting back into the iat realm (currently fed govt job it for last four years after entire career in DOD it)...

    Ordered the casp books on Amazon...
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    The CASP Course is back online on FedVTE!
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    I just watched few videos at FedVTE and wasn't impressed. Teacher wasn't good and the way he presents is not great.
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    I will definitely check it out. I have ran out of webinars to turn in for my Sec+ CEUs...I still need 40 more CEUs OR just take the CASP to renew it.
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  • vladi72vladi72 Junior Member Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Actually let me take my words back. In latest video trainer changed and new guy is good
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