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Hi All!

recently finished my net+ and now going to start R&S , i am waiting a couple weeks as a new *version* is coming out (is what ive been told)
what is the current version is it 22-125?

a few questions:
1) how much if any will i have covered in the net+ (im assuming having just finished the net+ i will have somewhat of a headstart on the study material Hoping!)
2) How long does this take t do on average (or individual rsponses if possible)
3) i understand this is done in two exams is that correct?
4) what kinda home system will i need (specs) will i have to do it all virtually or can i set a hardware based homelab (what would i need to pull it off successfully)
5) i have packet tracer and boson net simulator but yet to really give them a a proper workout~(i.e im still learning how to use them)

thanks for any replies


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    I don't think there is a new version coming. Cisco usually announce exam retirements long in advance to give people a chance to finish the current version. There's no reason to hold off. Even when there is an update, it's usually no more than 20% new materials. And the fundamentals don't change much.

    Info about exam versions is here on Cisco's website.

    200-125 is the current version of the 'combo' exam. You can also take 100-105 to gain CCENT, and then 200-105 to get CCNA R+S. I think these were released mid last year, and normally they are current for a couple of years, so another update isn't likely for more than 12 months, which should be more than enough time to study.

    Net+ is a good place to start and will help ease into Cisco. The biggest difference is that the Cisco exam will have you actually configuring many things.

    I would guess that from A+, Net+ and even the MTA, you will probably take 80-160 hours of study to complete the whole thing (either the 2 exam or combo exam route). I took the 2 exam route and completed study for both in about 13 weeks (3 months) at maybe 5 hours/week. That was done by reading the NetAcad books, and doing some (not a lot) labbing.

    You can complete enough "labbing" for the exams just by using PacketTracer which will run even on a low spec PC. GNS and VIRL are other options for more realistic virtualisation. If you do want to practice on real equipment, then 3 switches and 3 routers and cables is enough. A search here will turn up more specific info.

    Packet Tracer and Boson net simulator are good study materials.
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    Hey thanks very much for the info

    i may have took it up wrong maybe the CCNA is only newly offered (in 2 weeks) on my ecollege and not being updated, thanks for the clarification

    Thanks again for the info i will look into getting my hands on some material
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