Passed today

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I passed, first try. Honestly, I about 70% sure I was going to fail this one going in. It didn't help that I was a nervous wreck. About 15 minutes in I was getting really light-headed and couldn't concentrate and thought I was about to have a panic attack or something. Luckily it mostly subsided. Although, I probably burned 1000 calories today from my leg shaking. In retrospect, it may have been my breakfast which only consisted of a 5-hour-energy shot, and I don't normally consume caffeine. On an unrelated note, that survey at the end should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

I was sad to see the test did not delve very far into some topics I studied really hard on. I won't mention them here in case it breaks an NDA. But I am glad to have passed none the less.

Prep material: Studied a few hours a day for about 3 weeks or so and then crammed non-stop for the last 2-3 days. Used Professer Messer videos, thumbed through an exam cram book for more indepth info, and made lots of flash cards for port numbers, acronyms, protocols, wireless/wired standards.
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    Congrats! How hard were the questions you had?
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    Upcoming Certs: VCA-DCV 7.0, VCP-DCV 7.0, Oracle Database 1Z0-071, PMP, Server +, CCNP

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    Congratulations on the pass! icon_thumright.gif

    What's up next for you?

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    I think I am going to get the trifecta and then maybe work towards CCNA. Is it true that security+ is easier than net+ like I've heard?
    Desired certs: Security+, Linux+, CCNA, MCSA Server 2016
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    Congrats! This one was tough for me too!
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    Congratulations! I think they should give you your score before the survey then you would know whether or not you should give them a good review. icon_lol.gif
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