How to get entry level job?

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Hi guys!

I'm a student at WGU in the BSIT Security program. I've just moved from a small town in Georgia to Dallas, TX. This is my first term in the program and I will be finishing A+ by the end of my term (next month). I don't have any IT experience from a job standpoint, just a lifelong love of technology. I do, however, have 2 years of call center experience in customer service for a global manufacturer.

Since I just moved to Dallas, I'd like to find a job ASAP, but am unsure if employers will take me seriously until I, at the very least, finish my A+ next month. My ultimate goal is to be a network engineer, but I don't think I can get an entry level NOC job until I finish at the very least the N+ and optimally the CCNA. What types of positions should I be looking for?


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    I would upload your resume on Dice, and see if any recruiters can help you land a position.

    You should be targeting help desk positions.

    The 2 years of experience in the call center will definitely help, since most positions look for 1-2 years of customer service experience.
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    I am a broken record when it comes to job advice, but connections are by far the most important component of entry level job searches. There's more newbies than there are newbie positions and outsourcing is eliminating much of the remaining work. Knock on any family or friend networks you may have to see if anyone could find you something. The alternative is painful and luck dependent.
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    You're on the right track for sure. I honestly wouldn't bother with the A+. If you want to be in Networking, then focus on that and get Net+, CCENT, CCNA R+S, etc... You can get a Network Technician job with the right knowledge plus 1-2 certs. From what I've heard about Dallas, they are doing well in terms of growth.

    Deus is somewhat correct about available positions. Many college grads are discovering the growth potential in IT, so naturally everyone wants to get into the business. Outsourcing has slowed in many industries though since the economy has improved, especially since most entry level IT jobs require a lot of hands on work which cannot be outsourced. Job elimination comes more from automation now.

    The first, and I mean FIRST thing you should look at doing, is finding a professional networking group and connect with as many people as possible. If you even have to connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn, DO IT! Apply for jobs and send the manager a professionally written private message. Even ask for a 10-15 minute phone call with them. Some hate it, but some love it. Finding a job is like sales, you are selling yourself to people and hoping they buy what you got! You will likely get a lot of NO's before you get a YES, but with enough work it will happen.
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    I can give you some decent advice. Finish and get the A+ since you're are almost there you might as well grab it, no need to waist the time it took you to get it.

    Scrap Net+, if you're looking to become Network Engineer you need to aim to CCNP. Get CCENT(ICND1) then CCNA(ICND2) then shoot for CCNP.

    Start working with local staffing agencies to get contract work. It will be small at start but you will start building up and that A+ will help you a lot!!!! You'll be very lucky to land a Entry-Level NOC without any experience but you do need get Tech TS experience under your belt.

    WHATEVER YOU DO!!!! DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!!! Trust me I did as I only had an AAS degree with no certs and I just did contract work for a few years till I was able to get a perm job (still had no certs), Now I have CCNA and working Towards MCSA 2012R2 and now I landed a better position with a managed services company were my knowledge will expand greatly.

    The key is to continue education and most importantly certifications, you'll have people say you don't need to get certs or they never got any so they see no use but trust me they are needed as they tell employers(HR and I.T. Managers) that you have an idea of what technology(S) they work with and are not oblivious!

    Last but not the least; one more important thing you need to take into consideration "Culture" every place is different and sometime your personality will be the winner in the interview even if others know more then you.

    Good Luck in your efforts, plant you Resume on Dice/CareerBuilder/Monster/Indeed and Look via LinkedIn go through staffing Agencies and you'll soon be on the role.
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    I am not the best person to give advice (haven't got a job in the IT field) but what I am doing is trying get on at my local VA as an internship job. If you live with your parents or have enough money save up, than I recommend an internship job. Or even volunteer at places. Help internal city kids with computer. Some thing that get you exp.
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