CCNA R&S certified!!!

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Got my CCNA on 2nd attempt! icon_cheers.gif
I took the ICND1 & ICND2 route.

Study materials:
Wendell Odom's books.
Packet Tracer
Boson Exam Environment

It took me 3 tries to get my CCENT and 2 tries to get my CCNA.
I only say that because I know failing can be discouraging...unbelievably discouraging.
Hang in there and continue to study icon_study.gificon_study.gificon_study.gifand master the material. You'll get it, and it will be an incredible feeling.

Next Goal:
I want to become a Network Admin, ideally a junior Network Admin until I get enough networking experience and become more familiar with different technologies. My company currently doesn't have a Network Admin, but we have enough networking guys that we don't really need one. I'm currently working tech support in the Atlanta area so i'm getting the networking experience, but it's more with our product than with commonly used networking devices. I'm just not sure what my next certification should be. I'm torn between going for my CCNP R&S, or going for CCNA Security. I was also looking at the MCSE certification. I read somewhere that just having a CCNA isn't enough to get hired for a networking position. Any suggestions or tips of the trade would be greatly appreciated.


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    CCNA may be enough enough depending on your background. It is at least in my area right now. Do you have experience at least handling Cisco gear? I moved to a data center tech position that's pretty hands on and hope to have my CCNA pretty soon. The combo will hopefully be enough, even if i was a contractor i'd do it.
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    Certs Gained 2018: CCENT ,210-255 ( Cyber Security Operations)
    Upcoming: ICND2, CTT, 210-250 (Cyber Security Fundamentals)

    Isaiah 28:10 - For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line; here a little, and there a little.
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    How long did you study?
    Currently enrolling into WGU's IT - Security Program. Working on LPIC (1,2,3) and CCNA (and S) as long term goals and preparing for the Security+ and A+ as short term goals.
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    Congratulations !!
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