Passed eJPT - My Experience

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after 10 hours i finally slayed the beast and passed with a 95! i spent 4 hours on friday night and 6 hours saturday morning/afternoon. my score does not reflect the struggle i went through during this exam. It took me 2 and a half hours just to figure out the first part and i actually considered quitting a few times

my setup - i ran Kali Linux live off a usb stick, its the easiest method imo. the only problem is there's no sound and you can't permanently save anything, meaning if you shut down your computer and boot it back up you will have a clean slate. all of your notes, downloads, docs, etc., will be gone. i downloaded all of the lab manuals to my tablet and used them as a quick reference guide, these manuals were key during the exam

some tips - guidance is minimal. when you start you basically get a letter of engagement showing you how to connect to the exam lab and they give you a list of suggested programs to use and that's pretty much it, from there you're on your own. use the multiple choice questions to set your objectives. the coding parts aren't on the exam, you also do not need to use Nessus. i discovered that one of the programs (that is typiclly a pre-installed program on kali) was not working so i had to install it

final thoughts - my brain is fried, my body is aching and it seriously feels like i went through a gauntlet. you're going to hit a wall, you're going to feel discouraged but all of the info is there, you just have to look for it. the hands on experience and wealth of knowledge that you gain during this course is well worth the $300


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