How Prepard Am I For Server+ ?

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I have been studying Comptia Server+ SKO-004 using Wiley SYBEX book and web practice EXAMS. I completed all 380 offered questions missing 29. All questions are multiple choice and it is my understanding that the EXAM will be the same for server+.

I feel with my current results on the practice EXAM I should receive a passing score. So... my question is, is the online practice EXAMS from SYBEX a good comparison of what I will face in the test center?



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    Thanks for your feedback LOL ;)
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    Glad we can be of help.
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    :) Was just looking for someone that might have taken the exam and could confirm the question struture in SYBEX was close to the structure at the test center or if I should find another source to practice with?
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    ALWAYS find another source to test your skills.
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    Sounds like you know all the material based off the couple sentences I read. Have at it! GL! icon_thumright.gif
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    Is this your first certification? Do you understand why you get the questions wrong as well as why you get them right? Do you really, really know your RAID?
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    The test is harder than most ppl realize...definitely know your server stuff!
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    stryder144 wrote: »
    Is this your first certification? Do you understand why you get the questions wrong as well as why you get them right? Do you really, really know your RAID?

    Yes, and I understand what your asking. What I have found and have always had trouble with test is, when the answer choices are so close in wording I miss read them and get it wrong. I have learned to slow down and try and comperhind what is being asked.
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    Know the different RAIDs. Know backups. Server+ doesn't get a lot of love. So find another book or practice test see how you do. Sounds like you will be fine.
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    Rleigh, were you successful passing the Server+

    I'm planning to take the test soon. I too have used the Wiley Sybex book by T McMillan. I got 90% of the 380 questions correct and I was moving quite quickly through them. I missed a number of them because I was not reading carefully but upon review, I knew the material in question.

    I also read the All In One book by D Lachance and got 88% of the questions in its practice exam correct.

    I've never used just one book for a cert test! I more commonly have used three but there is not much available for this cert. After the first book I'm just scanning for weak areas in my knowledge.
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    I used Exam Cram back in the days! Good luck!!
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