Looking to get my foot into IT Security, need some guidance.

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Good Morning,

I recently got the notion that I need to get some sort of industry recognized certification under my belt if I wish to move on from my current role.

I work for a local ISP, I make good money as a Network Analyst, I basically make sure provisioning on DSL / IPTV is correct and deal with any network issues I see. I speak to techs all day. I have worked in primarily a call center role for the past decade. My current job has no challenge I could auto pilot my day to day.

Finally decided to dedicate myself to getting something under my belt. I have 2 weeks of vacation starting July 8th and I have signed up for PWK course and get on my way to get the OSCP certification. I still have not paid because I have some questions and possible personal doubts.

I would really like to make a move into IT Security in a big way, I could spend hours, in fact I hate to say it but when I was 19-20 I would spend 12-16 hours on end scanning ip blocks just to satisfy the itch.

Now my doubts are the following:

1: I have no industry certs and I spent 1 year in college after highschool in a computer network administration program. That schooling is not very relevant a year later. I have attempted to get say the Cisco CCNA however I have a hard time with taking that much information in from the two massive tomes I have at home, in fact they now support my broken couch.

2: I can't code / script. Basic fundamentals state I need to know how to do basic coding and scripting and I can maybe make hello world in C and Python. Coding is one of those things that draws a blank with me.

3: I am 29 and its been 10 years since I last had to study for anything, can I pull this off? My one advantage is no wife, girl friend, kids, and the money and free time to do this.


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    Start with your Sec+ first and make sure it's what you want to do. After that, maybe get your CCNA + CCNA Sec, these will all give you a solid Security foundation to build on. Good Luck!!
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    Read up on some reviews of the OSCP cert and course. It's going to be a massive jump up for you for studying and knowledge, I'd guess.

    I second Sec+ and CCNA. These are probably things you're closest to at work, as well.

    Start looking at security jobs in your area and what they ask for. Be honest with which ones you'd qualify for. Maybe try and apply to one and see what happens. If they seem above you, ask why, and what you can study to shore up some gaps.

    Definitely address your attitude about scripting, and maybe coding. If you can do hello world in C and Python, that means you know the syntax and how to get started. You don't need to be a whiz, but even for PWK, you're going to need to be able to read and do minor edits to C and Python exploit code. But, more importantly, anyone interviewing you and hearing you hate coding is going to mark that down as a fairly decent red flag. Maybe find some courses online that go over some practical uses and fundamentals of Python and see if you can get some inspiration.

    Good luck!

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    1: I have no industry certs

    2: I can't code / script.

    Everyone in IT started off at this point. Just gotta jump into things head first. These things are not that difficult if you put in the time and effort. Most people in IT don't put in the effort so if you have the drive to succeed you can definitely move up fairly quickly.
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    As someone who has taken and failed the OSCP multiple times before finally passing, I can say with your experience you could take it and pass. The OSCP is more about desire and determination than anything. The only prereq really necessary is basic Linux command line experience. I had next to none coding or scripting experience and had no issues.
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    With time, you'll get there.

    Make yourself a plan and stick to it. After a while, you'll just start doing stuff that you didn't think you would be doing before. Study hard and work hard.
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