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Hi fellas, I am new to this forum and I am currently studying for my CWNA. However my question is about a particular vendor called Trapeze networks. I work for a school system and we are thinking about implementing an enterprise wireless solution for every school in our system which are currently using SOHO equiptment. Dose any one here have any experience with this particular vendor and if so what was your take on them and their products? Thanks


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    Hello, I noticed you posted this awhile ago but thought I would give you my input on this vendor. Our company checked out Trapeze and thought the planning tool called the Ringmaster. We found that it would not scale well for us since we have 1800+ sites. We are looking at the airespace solution that Cisco purchased. Either way, the wireless switched solution is the future.
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    Thanks for replying; I was starting to think that I was the only one left on this forum.
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    I just happen to come across this website and noticed the Trapeze? post. I am also with a school district in Kansas and we have decided to go with Trapeze. We tested Trapeze, Cisco and Ortronics/Aruba in 3 different test locations. We had nothing go wrong with Trapeze, Cisco had some controller issues but it came down to price with them and Ortronics lost out because they could not supply what we were looking for in APs. We wanted an AP capable of doing A, B and G and they were the only company that could not supply that. Trapeze flew me out to the University of Utah to talk with the IT people out there. Another thing that moved us towards Trapeze was the availablity of equipment. We had to wait 2 months to get Cisco equipment and Trapeze and Ortronics had equipment to us in two weeks after talking with them. Cisco has a good product but there would of no way they could of taken care of us like Trapeze has. Personally I would of taken a harder look at Aruba with no Ortronics, Aruba just won the state of Kansas gov. bid and they have some nice features on their controller. We are the 2nd largest school district in the state and we have 35 elem., 9 jr high and 4 high schools plus 12 other buildings. We are looking at building at least one more high school and jr. high and who knows how many more elementaries. Hope this helps if not to late.
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