HELP NEEDED!!! What certification should i go for

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I am very new in the IT certification exams. Dou i did computer science for my Bsc, That was years ago and i never practiced it. I have been in project management and business development all my life. I am new in the american system and in desperate need to start a career in IT. I have done only one certification which is ITIL foundation. Can someone advice me on what certification and best training link i can get to pass those certifications. I know of Comptia A+. Security, Cloud, Networking etc, CCNA, CSX, CISM, AWS, Salesforce etc. Which order can i start from and which is best to get jobs faster with.

I am in dare need of a mentor and a guidance from you guys. I will appreciate having a master from one of your experienced hands in this group.
pls note, I am not a novice in this IT business but just not certified and well grounded


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    Hi Mate

    I started my career with CompTIA A+ , this give you good overall knowledge of computer hardware an software, them move on to the MCSE.
    To do the MCSE if you self study you will need a juicy system to run several VM,s
    With this two certifications only....landed me my first job, that was about 12 years ago...
    Once you get the first Job in IT I would suggest to do a CCNA and from there you can move on to bigger an better things...
    Best decision I ever make.... studying IT
    Wish you all the best
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    fluidt7fluidt7 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the response. I am actually studying comptia A+ but the material am using online makes the whole thing kinda boring. So i opted for the Comptia Security+. Both are beginners level certifications. Honestly i dont know anything about cisco or linux so i intend to skip the ccna line of work. All in all, i appreciate your kind response. If you have anything on Comptia A+ you can share pls let me know.
    If anyone in Atlanta is willing to give me hands own detailed training on any of this certifications, am available
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    genxfinalrevisiongenxfinalrevision Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Certifications do not get you jobs...they a credential bolsters, resume bling, and proof of theoretical competence. The certifications that you should seek should be those that are closely related to your areas of expertise or aligned to where you would like to go professionally.

    Getting a job is easy enough but what is it that you want to do?
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    fluidt7fluidt7 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thats where am a bit confused mate. I have worked with managements and diplomatic posting most early part. I am just entering into the IT folds. even dou i have passion for it and have a Bsc in computer science. I am searching for guides and leads. I did the ITIL foundation and loves it,but the intermediary courses are too much. Maybe cloud computing, administration, security or management. I know for sure i am not down with programming, coding, networking or DB. never liked them and i avoid them in my previous dealings.
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    I started with CompTIA A+ (self-study) and then joined the Cisco Networking Academy to get training prior to earning my CCNA. It depends on what you would like to do. I didn't have a very good idea of what I wanted to do in IT, but I did very well with my CCNA R&S training, passed my cert, and got a job. So far, so good. Actually, I took CCNA Collaboration I training prior to getting my job. My job focus on Cisco Unified Communications. I think the specialization helped me to get my foot in the door.
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    fluidt7fluidt7 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Whats the requirement to join the Cisco network academy. Not a fan of cisco or networking dou, but i can check the academy out. If its free, no shame in looking into it
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