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As others have noted, some of the questions were riddled with typos and grammar issues. Besides that, it wasn't super difficult. Most of the questions required basic common sense than actual study material. Even though I flipped through the book (CompTIA Project+ Study Guide), I mostly used the uCertify course. Most of the material is pulled straight from the book. The practice tests really helped. I suggest using the custom test option, and practicing 10-30 questions per subject area after you read or skimmed a chapter in the book or uCertify material.
My Study Procedure:
1. Skimmed the chapter in the book.
2. Open the subject chapter in uCertify and create flash cards in Anki or Quizlet for main points on the material (10-20 per chapter).
3. Complete 10-30 practice questions for the chapter in uCertify and repeat as needed.
4. On test day, review your electronic (or paper) flashcards.
5. Complete a full 100 question practice test in uCertify a couple of hours before your test.
6. Take the test and win.
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Start Date: Jan. 1st, 2012


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