CEH Passed - June 30th

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Hi All,

Passed the CEH last week :0 Honestly this exam was much easier than I thought. What I used / did is below.

1. Matt Walkers 3rd edition book
2. I went to a 5 day training course that had the exam to take on the 5th day.

I will get there next level cert but I'm studying for my OSCP which I plan to put a couple of months aside for that one. Either way this cert (CEH) is good for people who want to enter the field and get their feet wet.


  • Captain_DeadpoolCaptain_Deadpool Member Posts: 53 ■■□□□□□□□□

    Was the training course a bootcamp or the "official" EC-Council training?
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    Congrats on passing the exam... I been looking around for material to study. If you don't mind me asking what's the name of the book you mention?

    I notice there's 2 version of his book which would it be?


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    Thank you all!!

    Louie, the first one is the practice exams, I used the second one, his all in one book for my study material. Very good book.


    Was the training course a bootcamp or the "official" EC-Council training?

    bootcamp from EC council trained instructors.
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    Congrats. I passed that exam as well :) Now fighting with ECSAv9. This is really interesting training.
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    Congrats! I also passed it and now would go for oscp or even crest which seems to be much more interesting
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    Good job well done, Were they any multiple choice questions that required to select more than one answer?
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