Best 100% Online MBA options

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Hi Folks:
Need your advice, guidance, and feedback.

I am a WGU grad, BS in IT-Security and now exploring my online MBA options. Here is the criteria:
i) Should be AACSB accredited
ii) Should offer the entire program under 15k
iii) Should be 100% online
iv) Should have no to least pre-req for non-business students
v) GMAT waiver option available to WGU (3.0/4.0)
vi) Ideally, should allow 7-week, one-course style, with no mandatory requirement to attend "live, interactive, on-time" lectures.
vii) Should have a positive feedback on different review boards, supportive staff, quality faculty

So far, I have short-listed the following institutes:
a) Texas A&M Commerce (it seems to rank-1 in the list and matches i,ii,iii,iv,v,vii from my criteria)
b) LSU shreveport (Haven't explored this one in depth yet, but seems to rank 2nd)
c) Southeastern Oklahoma State University ( This seems to have a tie with Texas Wesleyan, but honestly havent explored them in depth yet)
d) Texas Wesleyan

Can you all please offer guidance on which one on the list is best? If anyone went through these options already? Please also recommend any other element that I overlooked and should factor in to my criteria.

I even tried exploring 100%online EMBA programs but couldnt find anything under 30k.


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