How long did it take to study/ take and pass security + exam?

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Hello I am new into security field. I've been a cyber security analyst for about 2 years and will be needing my security+ certification. Never having studied on CompTIA certs before and not much exposure to IT how long did it take any of you to study and pass the exam? Also is Cybrary IT a good site to learn? Thanks


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    Welcome to the forum!

    Your best friend will be Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead by Darril Gibson. I'm currently using this myself and dang near everyone here swears by it
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    With 2 years in the field you should be be able to study and pass in around 1 month. I did it in August of 2015.
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    Hi carlsjr,

    I agree with the above posters. I got mine in 1 month (studying after hours), but did have previous knowledge in the field of Cyber Security. The only book I used was Darryl Gibson's Guide which was extremely well-written and comprehensive in nature.

    I also watched a few videos from YouTube channels, Prof. Messors videos etc. to brush up on topics which interested me more or was lacking.


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    With 2 years of experience, a month of studying will be fine.
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    4 months for me. Being dyslexic, I needed to take a class even though I had plenty of experience.
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    It took me 1 month and I had ZERO security experience at the time. I just read the book from cover to cover once and then took the exam.
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    Thank you guys for responding. CompTIA changes the test at the end of October so I'd like to try and get the test before they change it.icon_study.gif
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    I find that scheduling an exam X amount of days out pushes people to study harder. Pick a date before the updated version is launched then create your study plan for that time frame. Don't rush, but don't put things off either. Consistency is key.
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    3 weeks but I read the entire Darril Gibson book and I studied for 6+ hours a day...
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    Accounting for the time I was diligently studying, about 4-4.5 months. Reading a book [Glen E. Clarke], get certified ahead site access, and youtube.
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    I read the Darryl Gibson book and it took me about 2-3 hours a night and a little over 2 weeks of prep. I might have had mine expedited a bit because I was in the process of a month long CCNA course so I was already in that mindset a bit.
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    A month of watching Professer Messer I was good.
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    2 weeks. But, that was after months of Net+ study. I found the Sec+ to be an extension of the Net+, like a Net++ if you will. You just add some security concepts on top of networking and get a similar test IMO.
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    Having two years of experience as a Security Analyst should make it pretty easy for you. I studied for about 2 months after 2 months for the Network+ and it wasn't bad at all.

    I would HIGHLY recommend!
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