Microsoft Status Update?

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I finally finished with all of my exams for MCSE 2003. The Microsoft page shows me as having passed all of the exams but still shows me as a MCSA. I took the final exam yesterday and I thought that might have something to do with it but it already lists the exam I took yesterday on the list.

I will share the transcript code with anyone that has any ideas (send me a PM). If it doesn't update tonight I'll call them tomorrow but it's aggrivating to have finished all of the exams and it not updated on the systems.


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    I am in the same situation with my MCSA. Just wait until tommorrow because MS is known for being negligent when it comes to the MCP program. I will call tommorrow afternoon if mine doesn't update. I know how you feel, dude. :D
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    I think their system doesn't update correctly on the weekends, I'd bet that by tomorrow your transcript will be just fine.
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    Great job!

    Do you need your access # and all that to view all your info?

    I'm going to harass them tonight since I haven't gotten any info from them, and passed my first MCP a month ago.
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