Packet tracer lab defies OSPF rules?

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Hello to all,

I'm beginning my OSPF studies and decided to do a semi-large OSPF lab in PT since i only have 3 real routers to play with. I configured a single area network and all devices can ping each other, but something funny is going on between Router4 and Router5 ( and Everything that ive read states that there can only DR and BDR (didnt know a router could make itself both DR and BDR either?) but both of these routers advertise themselves as the DR with Router4 also listing itself as the BDR . Router5 lists itself as the DR but with listed for the BDR. They DO have an adjacency but are not exchanging routes because if i want to ping the interface on Router4 from Router5 it goes on to the other routers and then comes back in on Router 4 via Router1 instead of just jumping right across the link. So, maybe i have not read into the chapters deep enough yet, but right now this all does not seem to add up to what i have read so far. Anyone know if this all makes is working by design or is something misconfigured or flawed? Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.


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    OSPF has one DR/BDR per segment. Each ethernet link is a segment. A router can be the DR for one segment and a BDR for another and neither on another etc.
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    Thanks for the insight, Networker. I was jumping the gun because all the "per segment" stuff was mentioned in my studies right after i posted this.
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