passed sy0-401 first try, no IT or Security Experience

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I passed my Sec + exam on my first attempt (score of...a pass is a pass...( more than 750)). I have No IT or security experience, i do have common sense and am computer literate.. but I currently work 2 full time (non IT related jobs) one is sales, the other is an overnight freight job. I get to sleep from 6 am to 9 am everyday. I was limited to listening to professor messer Videos through my headphones ( one ear only due to my job restrictions). Anyways, i listened to the videos for the last 3 months, i completely watched all 257 professor messer security plus videos, and i also went through the Security + training modules. I purchased the get certified, get ahead book but i didnt end up reading it due to running out of time. and lastly, comptia cermaster. Comptia includes certmaster as part of the package when you get the Test voucher and retake voucher bundle. Certmaster goes through ever section of every domain and will continue asking you the questions until you get them right. It cycles through the questions, makes you "learn" if you got the answer wrong, then cycles through and asks you again until you get them all right. Its very repetitive but it does help you learn the material. I encourage everyone to watch every video that professor messer has to offer for security + and make notes. Learn the concepts and do process of elimination when you're faced with the multiple choice questions on the test. You really need to know the material in order to get through the performance based questions.. you cant really wing it.

I had 4 performance based questions, the rest were multiple choice. I ended with 46 minutes remaining out of my 90 minutes, and i reviewed all of the questions that i flagged for review. Although i reviewed them i didnt end up changing my answers. Some of the questions are too lengthy to read and very few are straightforward questions.

I wish you all luck!

Materials I used for this exam
Professor Messer 257 Videos (playlist 1 &2) Security + modules( all 6)
other youtube videos on performance based questions
Comptia certmaster security+ (included by comptia when you purchase the Test voucher/Retake voucher bundle for $380.00)


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    All Power to you on the big pass with that amount of sleep every night. I couldn't function like that!

    You flew right through those questions with so much time left on the clock...simply amazing.
    I was lucky to have 15 minutes for end time review.

    Passed the Security+ for a promotion, or future job endeavor? What do you have planned next?
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    Future job endeavor. I need a career, not two full time jobs that I don't want to be at.
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    Yeah I ended with a lot of time left, it allowed me to go through each question that I flagged and decide if I wanted to change them or not. At 16 minutes remaining I just decided if they are wrong they are wrong.. didn't want to finish reviewing them. So I ended it
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    uow congratulations icon_cheers.gif
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    2020 Year goals:
    Already passed: Oracle Cloud, AZ-900
    Taking AZ-104 in December.

    "Certs... is all about IT certs!"
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