Passed! icnd1

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I passed!

So relieved...... i have done a few exams and for some reason i was really nervous about this one, i even postponed my exam from last week til today to make sure i felt more confident. I scored 941 with a pass score of 832.

If you have done the Net+ or similar type of networking exams i think you will find the CCent not as tough as what people say about it.

Materials used : in order of what i used most
Raymond Lacoste Cisco CCNA ( i did it through ecollege so each module had tests at the end you have to pass them to move on to the next module, 13 in total)
CBTnuggets Jeremy Ciaro

Plus random videos here and there on youtube and threads on here but the two above really cover it all really well i think i watched them both twice and some like ACLS and NAT i watched a few times.


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    Congrats! Onto icnd2 now
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    Congrats and well done!
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    Congrats! Enjoy that feeling
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    Congrats on the pass!! :)

    Good luck on part two
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    Geez thats a high score. Congrats on your pass.
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    Thanks everyone :D

    Yes just taking a couple days break and then back into it for icnd2 my hopes/plan is have it by xmas, i also start work on monday so will be busy. Hoping i keep some type of schedule for study.
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    Congrats! Good luck on ICND2.
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    Mr.Robot255, how many hours per day study you do?
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