Passed exam this morning

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I just passed the Security+ exam the first time I took it with the help of Darril Gibson and his Full Security+ Course website content. I did not buy the book, and did everything he recommended on the online Study Guide, and that was just enough to pass it :)

The exam was 72 questions, 90 minutes to complete it, and you need a 750 score to pass. Scale score is between 100 and 900 according to Score Report print out I was given at the end of test. I got 783, and the exam was much tougher than what everyone was telling me.

I do have a background in IT, just not on the Security field. Recommended experience per the CompTIA website is Network+ and two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus.

I've never studied or taken the Network+ exam, so you can pass it without that experience. I do have 10+ years working in the IT field, but not in Security

In any case, I hope this info helps anybody else in passing their exam.




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    Congrats bud!!
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    Victor is victorious!

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    A pass is a pass; Congrats!

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    Congrats, time to celebrate! Welcome to the forum.
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    Congratulations! :)
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