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I am considering enrolling into INE CCIE R&S written bootcamp early next year. The course is $3500. Is there another vendor/company I should look into before I fully commit to INE?


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    Thank Bodokid. Unfortunately, Micronics do not offer a class for the CCIE written exam, I wish Narbik did (Nice guy to talk to). I plan to take Narbik's 10-day Lab course once I pass the written. Right now, I'm trying to find out if theirs a vendor [out there] better than INE.
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    Narbik published a book to bridge the knowledge gap from CCNP to CCIE R/S candidates. As for bootcamps, they might have a Zero-to-Hero for the R/S track but if not then one of the other bootcamp vendors like INE/CCBootcamp etc., whatever works for your schedule.
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    Thanks for the info mbarrett. CCBootcamp is no longer available. I will ask Micronics about their Zero-to-Hero. Right now, if anyone have another company for me to look at please feel free. Thanks again
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    5-day CCIE RS written Online training for $899 not sure if narbik himself teaches it
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    Thanks Dmarcisco! I called and re-verified with Micronics. I will attending their end-to-end class in February. The suggested not taking the Written before attending the class.
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    Did you decide you bypass the CCIE Written class and just go to the 10 day end to end?
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    Currently, my goal is to continue reading TCP Vol I and II, my other CCIE material back with the Boson's CCIE questions. Then I will take the exam after the 10 day end to end in Glendale in February. I wish it was in January. Sorry for the long answer, but yea.
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