Passed ICND1 100-105 today

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Just got back from the exam center, I've been working on this on and off for a full term at WGU, but due to some issues at work, and real life I kept getting torn away from my studying, so it was a long and hard fought journey to this pass today.

Study Materials:
Cisco Press ICND 100-105 hard cover
Exam Cram ICND1 100-105 soft cover
CBT Nuggets
Boson Exam Sim
Boson Net Sim

read the cisco Press book cover to cover, that took a while and in total I've likely read it a few times due to the interruptions/restarts with my studying... took hand written notes while reading, and performed all of the built in chapter questions. Proceeded to try to jump straight to Practise exams, and got ~700s (based on Boson Test Engine), was doing poorly in routing, so read the exam cram chapters that pertained to that, and began labbing. performed all labs, redid Boson exams, in 750-800 range scores... never got that needed 832+ within Boson...

scheduled the exam, and continued to cram, lab, and subnet every day, as well as work on what I needed to jot down for subnetting calculations, etc.

On to ICND2...Ugh....


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    Awesome! Congrats!
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    Congrats on pass!! :)
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    Congrats! Good luck for icnd2.
    Was Boson necessary to pass the exam?
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    Tolg4 wrote: »
    Congrats! Good luck for icnd2.
    Was Boson necessary to pass the exam?
    Likely not, but I felt it did really help. For labbing there are alternatives, such as Packet Tracer, and GNS3, etc... Even the official press book included a lite labbing application.

    in terms of practice exams I'd say that is where the Boson software really shines and helped me. Both books also contained practice test software, but neither of them include sim questions, it's all just multiple choice questions. But the Boson software does, and is more in tune with the real exam in that manner. Also, there is a "No Pass, No Pay" guarantee with Boson's ExSim Max software, where if you bought the software and failed the real exam within 6 months, you can get a full refund of the purchase price of the software ($99 USD), but mine was part of my WGU Course resources which is why I used it. I have use Pearson Test Prep for other certifications without issues, but they didn't include simulation questions like Cisco.
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    thanks for your inspiration and tips for ccent, im on the way to ccent.
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    Congrats!! Thanks for sharing! :)
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