Starting OSCP journey on Sat 16th Sep!

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Alec(Alias name) and I will be starting my OSCP journey next weekend. I am excited, scared, interested,...well lets talk about who I am and what is my background before we start talking about feelings. lol.Deal? I graduated form college last year. Changed my major 3 times in college finally decided to give the IT major a try and fell in love with cyder security part of it. XOXO. and in the last year of college I sat down for SecurityPlus and SSCP and passed both. But my outstanding accomplishment(if any) ends there. I have always been afraid of programing and really did not feel comfortable working with it and now I am at a point that I either have to or I will die-literally or I should not look into this field as a foreseeable career. Anyhow, I have always loved being a hacker but really never had the experience or the skills. In terms of job experience I have been part of cyber security(blue team) since last year and recently my boss have been pushing me to get my OSCP and I never hate free certs but I am very well aware of the fact that this cert is way out of my league(lol) and I might have not the discipline to pass the course or even finish the PWK course if you leave it to me. Therefore, I decided to start this topic :) In this topic, you will hear all about my struggles, my misery and my success. I try to keep myself dedicated to this topic and to my path and in a way maybe if somehow I passed the course. someone,someday, says well Alec passed it and he didn't know a thing(please insert your proper word of choice) So, I can too. Well, enough of that. for now. here is my goal by tomorrow night:

one course is introductory to python and the other is Advanced penetrating testing course by Georgia W. I have already finished half of the pen testing course and just started the python course.

Feel free to support me or if you like tell me I suck or if you are starting around the same time and wanna a crazy study-buddy let me know and I would be more than happy to ride on this bus with you.



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    Good luck! I think the OSCP is up next for me.
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    Good luck!

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    Good luck! I'll see ya around on the 30th!
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    Good luck!

    Since you are blue team now, do you think you will try to shift to red after you finish?
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    Mooseboost wrote: »
    Good luck!

    Since you are blue team now, do you think you will try to shift to red after you finish?

    Hi, Thank you! I am currently interning in the red team for another 4 months or so. my plan is to get back to red team for final placement and it might take me 2 more years. I don't find myself to get back to blue team for a while.
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    Up to day 4 update:

    Book: 50 pages

    Videos: 25

    I wasn't able to finish any of the courses in the but I think I know enough now to start my journey. The course was opened on Saturday evening at 7 pm. I spend the first 5 hours familiar myself with the course, getting 5 copies of the course material. lol and making sure that my VM is good to go. I spent about 5 hours on Sunday studying and I was able to study up to page 50 and finish 10 videos. I had a kind of rough day on Monday and my boss was very demanding a lot of tasks. So, I didn't get anything done really at work and spent almost an hour and half studying and caught up to video 26 and didn't study anything in the book. My goal is to finish the whole book and exercises in the first 2 week and spend the rest of the time working on labs. lets see how does that go. sorry for such a short update but thought update you guys what have I been doing so far. The course is very fascinating but I think it is important to make sure you understand the material before you move on to next section. Till Later.
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    Up to day 16 update:

    Book: 70 pages

    Videos: 114

    rooted machines: 3

    Hi Everyone!
    This is a quick update. I have been pretty busy with the material. if you don't have much experience with linux and pen testing I suggest you take your time with the material and also don't move in to lab until you are done although I did. I think it was a right move for me since I have a really low attention span and had to keep myself entertained or give up. lol. I try to make more updates about my progress in the lab and contents. Wish me luck!
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    Up to day to 25 update:

    rooted machines: 8

    Book: 70 pages

    Videos are completed.

    here is a quick update I finished the videos and have spent most of my time going through the lab and banging my head against the wall. I have not focus on the book and the exercises but will go back to it later for BOF.
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