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Hello, Everyone,

Please review my resume and give me a valuable suggestions/corrections. I have two years of experience in the Networking field. All the valuable suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you !!!

FYI - As i dont have the access to upload attachement of my resume. I have copied my resume in this post. Please, do the needful.

• Network engineer with experience in routing, switching, firewall technologies, system design, implementation,troubleshooting of complex network systems, enterprise network security, wireless design, data network design, capacitymanagement and network growth. Extensive experience in configuring and troubleshooting of routing protocols RIP,EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS and TCP/IP.
  • Strong hands on experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting of Cisco 7600, 3800, 2600, 2500 and 1800 seriesRouters, Cisco Catalyst 6500, 3750, 2950, 3500XL, Nexus 5K, 7K series switches and Juniper EX 4500, 4200 seriesSwitches and M7i, 10i Routers.
  • Excellent communication skills with experience in report/technical writing, instructing personnel, and working closely withmanagement and clients on technology-related issues.
    Network EngineerNov yyyy – PresentXYZ Networks Dam, KL
  • Delivered 10+ projects valued 2+ Million USD on-time, within budget with team of up to 20 people for various clients on
    Test and Turn-up for phone systems (VOIP) and UC deployment.
  • Managed successful delivery of massive security response portfolio including Splunk, Cisco WSA, Cisco IPS, Sourcefire
    FirePower and AMP, Cisco ESA, FireEye, DNS-RPZ, Cisco ISE, Lancope StealthWatch and Mandiant, collecting over 2
    billion events per day into 1TB of growing events per day.
  • Enriched user experience by monitoring customer network through various Network Management Tools (Cisco Works,
    Splunk) resulting in 99.99% uptime.
  • Performed technical research on future projects and produced reports on project rollouts, new technologies, and best
    methods of implementing new technologies. Worked on Security levels with RADIUS, TACACS+, Kerberos. Installed Blue
    Coat SG510 Series SG510-10 Proxy Edition - Security appliance at required locations.
  • Proven track record in solving IP network issues in timely and cost efficient manner while maintaining Client Service
    Agreement up-time. Completed service requests (i.e. - IP readdressing, bandwidth upgrades, IOS/platform upgrades.)
  • Significantly improved information flow and productivity by negotiating VPN tunnels using IPsec encryption standards,
    configured and implemented site-to-site VPN, Remote VPN.
  • Providing technical consultancy for better application response using QoS. Maintained a thorough understanding of the
    basics behind the Internet and its workings (DNS, Security, IP Routing, HTTP, VPN, SPAN).
    Telecom Network Technician Mar yyyy – May mmmmABC Company Wall, NH • Improved productivity and information flow by installing a print server to allow printing from anywhere on LAN / WAN
    network to any printer in the system; Additionally set up a fax server to provide faxing capability from desktops.• Provided hands-on training to students for network cabling and troubleshooting techniques.
    MPLS L3 VPN With LDP Over RSVP Tunneling
    • Designed and demonstrated an MPLS Layer 3 VPN with the feature of LDP over RSVP Tunneling that allows end to end
    LDP LSPs connect the provider edge routers with just a single RSVP LSP in the core to carry the LDP LSPs.
    Multi-user VPN Setup
    • Created and configured a multi-client VPN server on a cloud server. Part of a local meetup hackathon.
    Master of Science Electrical and Computer Engineering, GX University Aug zxxx - May cxxxBachelor of Engineering Electrical and Communication Engineering, LM University Aug zxxx - May zxxx
    Monitoring tools: Cisco Packet Tracer, Wireshark, Cisco Security Manager Suite, SolarWinds, Cisco ISE.
    Network Technologies: Cisco Prime Infrastructure, SNMP, SNMPv3, SMTP, CDP, IGRP, BGP, MPLS, OSPF.
    Network Security: IPsec, VPN Configuration, NAT/PAT, IDS/IPS, Ethereal, DHCP Snooping, Sourcefire.
    Voice Technologies: QoS, Computer Telephonic Integration( CTI ), VoIP, PoE..
    Firewalls: Juniper Netscreen(500/5200), Juniper SRX(650/3600), Cisco PIX (525/535), Splunk, McAfee SIEM, Palo Alto.Project management tools: JIRA, Version One, MS Visio, MS Project.
    Software Skills: C, C++, MATLAB 10.1, MS Office, Python.


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    I see a wall-of-text and a thousand bullets, your formatting needs work. Left-justify all major headings and maybe bold them. Have a blank line right before a major heading.

    Take credit for the things you did but try not to for the stuff that it's obvious you didn't. For instance, Enriched user experience by monitoring customer network through various Network Management Tools (Cisco Works, Splunk) resulting in 99.99% uptime."

    You claim that your monitoring resulted in 99.99% uptime. How? Without the how-you-contributed, I'd be very suspicious that you simply monitored networks that already had 99.99% uptime and alerted people when there was an alarm.
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    I have a BIG pet peeve about bullets. Please write 2 or 3 brief paragraphs of each job you had. Get rid of summary (you can have that on a cover letter).
    Agree with what #EANx said as well.
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    @ EANx _ As I am a New Member to this Forum, I copied and pasted my resume as i dont have the access to upload the document.
    - Thanks for your review.
    - I contributed by spotting the intrusions and working on it to prevent it from impacting the network. So, Improving the Network environment.
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