PASSED THE C|EH on 9/24/17

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icon_cheers.gif I haven't been active on here in a while but I plan to fix that. About 2 months ago I decided to take on the CEH. I had heard plenty of people who I scoffed at this exam however I found the materials to be informative and enjoyable. I'm well aware that this exam does not in any way make you a "hacker" but you will learn the basic attacker methodologies. For those coming from the Security+ it will give you a deeper dive into to various attacks that really help if you are new to the industry.

Matt Walker AIO
CBT Nuggets CEHv9
Boson Exam Simulator
Total Tester (comes with the Matt Walker AIO)

....I did NOT LAB...should I have? YES, but not because I needed for the exam. I intend to keep pursuing my knowledge cyber attacks and tools so I will be labing with more current tools and attack methods.


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