Another "should I take this or that" Thread

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Hey everyone, I decided its time to take a new cert. Im a Lead Field Engineer by trade, and spend most of the day configuring Firewalls, switches, and Wireless before deploying onsite to install for the customer. Alot of my Cert background is vender specific (ex:Watchguard, Meraki, and Sonicwall) However I also have a few CompTia and MS exams under my belt(A+, Net+, MTA-NW) I want to get something that I will enjoy and will translate well to my current and future jobs. I started studying for the MCSA 2012r2 410 test but have had a hard time staying interested even with a home lab. I feel very strongly towards the Network infrastructure more than I do sys Admin. I would like to do a cert that focus's on the Network side. Im leaning towards CCENT\CCNA, as I feel I could greatly benefit from knowing more about routing and switching. Ive also thought about Security+ and even just sucking it up and finishing the MCSA since i have the material. I have roughly an hour a night that I could devote to studying. Luckily Im blessed to work for a company that will pay for everything including study materials.

-For the MCSA I already have William Paneks Sybrex 410 book and a few courses on Udemy.

-for the CCNA , I might be able to snag a few Cisco switches from work. For studying material I already have a Wendell Odom book my work recently purchased and the Bulldog training series on Udemy.

any advice, recomendations or any other info would be appreciated as Im struggling on making a decision. Thanks guys!!!


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    Go for CCNA, simple. You will find this cert will add more value based on your current tasks and it wilk be more beneficial im the long run too.
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    What Study material do you suggest? is what I have good enough?
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    Agree with TheFORCE, get your CCNA to start. From there you can decide what you want to specialize in and get one of the specializations (Sec, DC, etc). As for study material, Odom is the number one book, but if you find it reads a little tough, I highly recommend Lammle's book as it reads easier. Never hurts to read both if you have the time. As for the videos, I'm assuming that's Bryant's videos. They are good to supplement the books. For labbing, you can use PacketTracer too.
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    Awesome, thanks for the advice. The udemy videos are Bryants for sure. I spoke to a coworker and he gave me a VM that has the old CCNA labs along with GNS3 and Packet tracer. I found a old Cisco catalyst switch today that Im going to add to my network lab.

    Thanks Again!
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    Another one for CCNA
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